Hi I am so Desperate!

I am using a server internic.ca to host my website my package includes
MySQL with phpMyAdmin 2.5.5-p\1
I seem to be able to make the table fine beyond that I cannot understand…
How do I use this phpMyAdmin 2.5.5-p\1
I am trying to setup a Membership System it consist of several
Php files – I cannot figure out how to bring them in…
My public directory doesn’t let them work,
Adding them in the Tables SQL doesn’t work….
Can Anyone Please Help In Giving Me Some Direction;
much appreciated! Thanks

I'm trying to figure out exactly what you want to do and what is not working. So you have a hosting account on a server that provides you with a MySql database and the popular PHP application "phpMyAdmin" for database administration. So we have to assume that your hosting company supports PHP.

Apparently you've been able to create tables---so you've figured that out. Right?

Then you mention a membership app that involves lots of PHP files. What do you mean by "bring them in"? You should upload your PHP files to your web directories using FTP. Most PHP applications come with an index.php that will automatically run if you surf to the containing directory. So if you installed this membership app in a folder called 'test', you might surf to http://mysite.com/test/ (Something like that.)

I don't understand what you mean by "Adding them in the Tables SQL doesn’t work". Is "Tables SQL" a directory accessible via your FTP account?