I have tried this code but its not working....what I want is that when I click on "Available" hyperlink a popup form should be opened. I have copied the code below


        echo ($GotPro['PropertyName'].":". '<a href="#" ><script type="text/javascript">window.open(<a href="checkavailability.php" ></a>)</script>Available</a>'); 

        else if($GotPro['available']==0)
        echo ($GotPro['PropertyName'].":". '<a href="#" ><script type="text/javascript">window.open(<a href="checkavailability.php"></a>)</script>UnAvailable</a>'); 

Ideally it should work like if user clicks on "Available" hyperlink "checkavailability.php" should open in popup. But it is giving error now

Please someone must help....thanks in advance

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Have a look at jQuery dialogs or even lightboxes that accept html data. These produce a way to create popups without opening a new browser tab or window - something that could be blocked by the user's browser.

I can recommend HighSlide.

Lightboxes are a fine solution to overlay the form on the existing page. You can use either a button or a text link to open the form.

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