Hello y'all,

I am a part time php programmer and a photographer. Due to the fact that i lost some many of my photography works to virus that got onto my pc, i have decided to develop a website whereby i can save all my works.

I need some one to tell me how to go about this, can i make a zip file and save it on the server? or what exactly can I do to achieve this aim.....I welcome all suggestions.

thanks in advance.

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Also depends on the format of the photos you need to compress/deflate.

You can store quite a bit, but after a certain no. of Gigs, you'll need to start paying per month. There are cheaper options out there possibly, but dropbox is simple, quick.


ANother suggestion -think of a better title for your next thread. That one's lame. I almost didn't look at it out of spite.

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If you're not even going to display the photographs on the website, save yourself the time and hassle of learning to develop a website and then actually building one, and just use a cloud storage provider - e.g.

- Dropbox
- Live Drive
- iCloud
- etc...

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