Right I'm new to the whole web design so I thought I'd make an account on here to get some help.

What I am wanting to do is have a songs name Artist - Song name to be linked so that when it is pressed then youtube loads in a new tab with the Artist - Song name searched for through the youtube videos. If its similar to coding then I would assume that the Artist - Song title would be put into a variable and the link to be ("http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=" & variable) but not too sure how to do this on a website.


Basically I've got a html page full of songs ect and am wanting to know how to start the coding of this. Will transfer the page into php and all that just don't know where to start really?

What is the flow like? Enter a song, search youtube, or do you have specific videos you want to show from a database. Still a little unclear to me what you want to build.

Take a look at the website. It's far from finished but yeah its www.newbeats.co.uk on the MOTW page ive done a long method using html where I've had to insert the link every time linking each song. I will be updating. Basically want to put the song artist and name into a variable for this variable to be changed each week when i update the songs, rather than changing the same bit over and over. The variable is used for displaying the song and also to be in the hyperlink.

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