I am trying to figure out some web development using ms vwd in C#. I want to link a couple of textual titles to hyperlinks. However, those hyperlinks are stored in a database object's column using ms sql server and so I need to use the oledb commands and iterate through that. But I want to be able to iterate through those links using a wild card so that I don't have to manually input all the links. So I made an aspx page that goes like: <asp:Hyperlink id = "temp"...navigateurl = './filename.aspx?=num=%'.

Then I made another aspx page that linked with 1 column full of text from that same database object using the id.Text in my .cs file. I was able to iterate through that. And I can do the same with the other column. But I don't know how to link each of those id.Text values with my hyperlinks based off of iterating using multiple params at the end of my relative url, i.e. using num=% which '%' I think is the right char for wildcards. So I'm guessing its textid.navigateurl = num...?

btw, I know my spelling for syntax is wrong. I just want to know the methodology on how to go about doing this.