hi All,
how i can get daniweb forum software ?
From where i can know about daniweb software's features and admin panel?
And the other hand what forum software would you like to recommend for student's forum.
I want to make an organization type forum for students.

Suggestion will be appreciated.


I wouldn't hold onto hope that you'd get the daniweb forum code as Dani herself personally codes it which helps it remain quite unique.

Otherwise you should probably do a search from your favorite search engines as far as forums go. Many have different some different features but they tend to have a lot of the same features. It's easier to search for them and read up on the features of each one to decide which is best for you rather than me simply posting links to them.

DW current version is a heavily modded version of vBulletin. Depending on what you want, there are many more available, for example phpBB and SMF. You should write down the things you want to do, and compare each forum against that. Just install several on your local machine for testing, then select which suits best.