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I am having a problem installing CF 10. I keep getting an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

Read this:

Enable HTTP Status Codes

Configures ColdFusion to set a status code of 500 Internal Server Error for an unhandled error. Disable this option to configure ColdFusion to set a status code of 200 OK for everything, including unhandled errors.

I got that info from here:


So it's best to read the whole Server Settings section to get familiar with Coldfusion config.


I can't access the CF Administrator to change the settings. After the install when you launch the CF Admin page, that is when I receive the error. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, but I keep getting the same error.


I've found a fix.
In the ISAPI Filters on the default web site was missing the tomcat dll. For some reason during the installation the tomcat dll did not get loaded. Thanks for all of the help.

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