I've never had a reason to use Javascript in a php file before and I'm having trouble getting it to parse.

What could be wrong with this.

$display .= '<td width="105" align=right class=box><input name="p1B1" id="p1B1" type="text" value="'.$price.'" onblur="this.value=eedisplayFloatNDTh(eeparseFloatTh(this.value),2);
recalc_onclick('p1B1')" tabindex="1" size="14" class=ee101 >';

  //..... and the code below

I'm positive its this and I'm pretty certain its the ('p1B1') but how to handle the single quotes in the brace?


The error is, "Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING"

Any suggestion would be great.


Your right, the problem is -> recalc_onclick('p1B1')

The reason is because you are using single 'quotes' as opposed to "double" to encasulate strings (which is ok). But when you say that statement with single quotes inside, it thinks your ending the string. Do this to say that you literally want single quotes and you dont want to close the string