First of all, let me say I am new to this forum.
It has been a while since I attempted any programming. I have used, HTML, vbscript, and javascript in the past.

Here is my problem.

I am wanting to make a web page with pictures, under the picture will be a checkbox. At the bottom of the page there will be a print button. The pictures on the site(which is an intranet) actually represent excel(.xls) files. If a checkbox is checked, when the print button is pushed it will print that file. I want to keep it simple.

Is this possible? If so, can I get an example.

Thank you.

Basically, I am wanting the print button to call a function like:
<input type="button" value="Print" name="btnPrint" onClick="printfiles()">

in the function

if Checkbox1.value = True then
if Checkbox2.value = true then

is this possible?
If so can someone through me some code, with formatting to test out.

Thank you again

Hmn, that might require a server side language.

Print these files? Where? If you want the USER to download/print the XLS, all you can do, reallly, is serve it back to them. Printing is a user function, and something you cannot "force" to happen, particularly with a streamed file. They may not even have Excel installed on their system.

As stated above:

It is for an intranet. Not internet. All users do have excel. It would be a user function you are correct.

I am wanting them to be able to select the files they would like to print. Hit a single print button, which will print the documents they selected, without having to open every single excel file, then printing it. It becomes complicated when you have to open 30 different excel files and print it individually.

This would save time.

What I mean by "user function", is that printing is something a web program cannot "force". It's up to the user... I don't think you can code a "batch print" feature into a web application.

*Mumbles Something about VBScript And ActiveX*

Ok, let me rephrase: Using cross-browser JavaScript, CSS and HTML (the focus of this forum), I do not believe it is possible to code a system to automatically batch-print multiple Excel spreadsheets in an Intranet environment.

ActiveX is deprecated, Microsoft has moved onto .NET, but sure, if you wanted to do some IE-only activeX-cum-Excel-cum-VBA-cum-vbscript ASP thing, it might be possible. That's outside my area of expertise, so I'll bow out of this thread.