Hi there!

I'm using PHP together with jQuery/AJAX to submit a login form without reloading the page. Basically the code works like this:

Login.php (The actual form) -> process-login-admin.php (server-side validation and authentication) -> Echo error message
The error messages is displayed in a hidden div (#feedback) on "Login.php" that i set to visible once "login-process.php" echos something.

This is how i do it:

$.post('process-login-admin.php', $("#loginprocess").serialize(), function(data) {

Everything works just fine except one thing. When a user successfully logs in i would like to do a simple header location to the users dashboard/profile page. However the dashboard loads inside the message div i created instead of changing url.

Anyone that could give me a few pointers on how to solve this?

Because you are using AJAX, you will have to handle the redirect in Javascript, not PHP. So instead of doing the header in PHP, notify Javascript with a particular string (or JSON), to do the redirect for you.

Thank you pritaeas!
I seem to have solved it by doing this once the user is logged in:

echo '<script>location.href="index.php";</script>' ;

Is there any downside to this approach? Will this work in all browsers?

echo '<script>location.href="index.php";</script>' ;

why not just do header('Location: index.php"); if you are echoing it out?

There should be a point in your js where the login succeeds and redirect then:

messageDiv.innerHTML = req.responseText;
if(req.responseText == 'Success'){window.location = 'index.php';}

i always thought it was window.location, since your login is javascript the redirect should 100% work window.location is a very wide standard

or you could just fill in the div contents with the contents of the dashboard if you have that available in ajax

if(req.responseText == 'Success'){
contentDiv.innerHTML = getMyDashboard();

Thanks Biiim!

Your answer got me in the right direction. I have solved this by implementing your "responsText" method.