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You need to uniquely identify the record ID in order to distinguish loading record 3 from record 4. Or, do you want to just go to findanagent_details.php and have record 4 automatically load 100% of the time?


Hi the above is a link from a previous page with a list of products. Depending on which product's link you click on will take you to the detailed information. So could be anything from Record 1 to Record 1000
I thought in my head that you could do a base64_encode at the link end and then base64_unencode at the display end, but maybe I'm off track....?



If you want to use base_64, then you can try

  $item_no = base64_encode (4);
  ## the above gives a this value NA==

Thus, making your url as shown below

 http://www.dev.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/findanagent_details.php?recordID=<?php echo $item_no;?>

and visible to the browser as


we cannot encode this recordID to base 64, unless you want to use pregmatch on the url extracting this part, and then use base64_decode.. for the above code, you extract the encoded integer ...like this

$record_id = base64_decode ($_GET['recordID']);

Record ID should be now back to its original value which is 4.

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