I tried to access a cookie that has a [object HTMLImageElement] but I found out that cookies have a limit on size so Im trying to do this with pure Javascript

I can store the value of what I want in a hidden div and now I want to pass that div to another page. Ive tried constructing it manually and Firebug SHOWS that I pass not only the GET value but also the variable YET I cannot print it out. Why cant I?

Please ask if you need any information.

Thank you

(Reverse) AJAX? Although I have no idea how I would implement it at all.........

3 "pages" are involved.

Page 1 has a link that when linking this link, I open a iframe
Page 2 is the iframe which contains the data I input (lets say my name) and puts this in a hidden div
When I close Page 1, Page 2 is shown again which already has this data (if I remove the hidden from the div, it shows there automatically updated)
Page 3 is the final destination of all of this. I mentioned that Firebug does indeed show that the POST variable has passed and it has data but putting something line (PHP) <?php print_r($_GET);?> shows Array() as if it was empty.

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