Im using Web Storage for my website and it seems to work locally but not online. Ive tried different thigns (which I shouldnt because it should just work) but it seems not to work. The only conclusion I can come to is that it has been disabled server side.

Is this possible?

If the storage is not local on the server, then you would need network connectivity to the remote storage. Firewall rules allowing traffic between the server and remote storage would be required. What exactly do you mean by "web storage"?

Obviously you can completely disregard my earlier response. I am not familiar with web storage, but reading up on it. Seems to be client side based on what I am reading.

If JavaScript is working when your website is remote, i would expect that the localStorage/sessionStorage would work as well (assuming that your browser supports it).

Will look into this some more..

Yes, Javascript is working both remotely and locally as simple alerts show up.

Whats isnt working correctly is this web storage which the thing is that it works on local....Thats the "amazing" part of it...

Im doing this on Firefox and on Firefox and on other browsers it works perfectly local but not online, so its not a browser issue.

It is indeed a client side thing but for some odd reason, acts like this....