I have s_no in my database's table. Which is increment automatically whenever new entry comes. But this is only int. I am using this as a ID of particular task. I want this in varchar. means id should be like "a45c725". How to achive this

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What is the purpose of what you want ?

You may want to add an additional column for this, and create an insert trigger to automatically generate that id (based on your specifications).

to use that as id . Jump to next page using this id and show detail according to that.

Is this a new question? Can you please give an example of what you want?

I have a one field in table says s_no (int) 20. I am using this as a user id. its automatic increment when new entry comes. This s_no is user to get other detail of user. But this is integer so i am getting only limited user. How to get varchar id which will be automatic increment.

See my first post.

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