Hi, I've never used php or mysql but I need to I madee a site for a friends reptile pet shop. Now I need to make him an admin panel so he can update his availablity section his special offers section and most importantly he can add pictures to his gallery!
Can anyone offer advice on this (Good tutorials etc)

If your just looking to have him use it to update html dynamically (IE pictures and text tags) you could just javascript. It has the ability to update html dynamically using ONEVENTS. If you dont have any plan on using a database then its honestly alot more then you need to know.

If you do feel you would need it, master the basics of mysql first using google. sqlzoo is a good place to start. Then once your able to do at least simple table creation and insertion statments then I say start looking into php.

(you will also need the php engine 5 installed in your computer I recommend downloading LAMP)

Thanks for the reply! Its a simple site, photos, news, special offers, links etc.
But building sites is something I want to carry on doing, so I supppose getting to grips with mysql and php would be beneficial?

yes get a grip on php and sql, is not a bad idea

heres a start on php: http://devzone.zend.com/6/php-101--php-for-the-absolute-beginner/

or if you dont want to write it from scratch take a look at some quick CMS, like wordpress or joombla, but i personnally dont like them, i prefer to write my own stuff.

like soapyillusion said, grab a LAMP or WAMP server for developpement, i use WAMP on my win7 laptop and code anywhere when i have free time. If you dont know WAMP, its a Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP bundle all in one server, easy install. LAMP is linux and MAMP is Mac.

have fun coding

For me, with anything web development oriented I find PHP and MYSQL an invaluable tool. Without many of my design ideas I have would be out right impossible. So If you feel you want a future in web development I highly recomend it!!

Thanks for that guys. I appreciate you taking time to offer me advice, and thanks for the links!.....................

Hi again, I have download Wamp server. For making a database should I do it with the phpMyAdmin?

yes you can use phpMyAdmin friendly GUI or you can use MySQL console and type in the cmd.
if you read the http://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp you know how to create a db and table and so on, directly into the console.

i recommand creating 2 users, 1 admin for the management of your database and 1 user for your php script and grant user the minimum privileges. security fisrt.

Sorry for all the question, but was following a tutorial I found since my last post.
It was creating a mysql database and table in php. I wrote it in notepad++ then put it in wamps www file then I was abl to view it in my browser.

Am i right in saying that for my admin function of the owner adding his own photographs it is a cas of puttin the photos into a database
the retrieviing them from the database to put on the site?

Is it ok to create this database in your php code or should it be created seperatley?

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You need a CMS if the owner wants to update it himself. Joomla/Drupal/WP/ModX.

please am having problem installing wordpress on xampp php am always getting error what can i do