HI every1 I mongolian studen so i builing one project but we have problem how can i display the logod user status like he's her id number and spme of the profile help any idea ??? :o :o :o :o :o

I'm not sure of what U are asking.
Well I guess your question is
how to show the status of the user or his details?

If thats your question then the most effective way will be to use a Database and provide a Login authentication and get the user information from the database.

Did it answer your question?

yes that is it but i just begginer so I don't know how can i do it plz give a advice and ASAP give me example !!
I actually build a library managment so if student logod and I want to show on display that student has lend any book and some of profile that studen department something like that sorry 4 my english is too bad

Do this step by step.

Create a database.
a. Create the necessary tables and populate all the values belonging to that table(Library details).
b. Create two tables, one for Registering the username and password and other for storing the users details and name it UsertableDetails..(Its up to you how to design the database)

This is the link to registration page.

and this is the link to authentication page

c.Now what ever values you want to retrieve for a particular user, retrieve it from UsertableDetails.

You should be fine.

yes i saw that code but that au authentication page code is using access base in my case sql server 2000 so I can't do dislplayed his info from database i mean if student lend book and his status page displayed he borrowed already 1 book like that info i want show my web form