Hello everyone i have a problem we make a flash website and upload to the internet
now after uploading it's creat a problem
we make a folder of images (Small_Thumb) in this folder my all catalog pictures but it cannot
show in frames.
when we test my all websie in my computer before uploading in internet the all files work
But when we upload to my host intenet and check it so its creat problem
we use this code to the load images in my frames
// this.fram1.loadMovie("/Small_Themb/AD-C-101.jpg");

please tell me anybody what's wrong hare

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we change / in front but it could not work
we use full path link to the file of my website
i mean (http://itofcomputer.co.cc/Small_Thumb/AD-C-101.JPG)
but could not show pictures in my flash frames
please just 1 time solve my problem i am very upset beasause my website is full designe and this problem heart me

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