Hi everyone,

I am looking for an editor or plugin for Komodo or Eclipse that provides me with the CakePHP function autocompletion and syntax correction as well.

Thank you all.

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Anyone would suggest a good plugin or editor for cakephp?

I found this article that takes you through how to add a cakePHP directory into Eclipse 3.6 but I don't think it makes sense to me. Can anyone explain it briefly and in easy steps?

I am using PhpStorm at the moment. I do not use CakePhp myself, but there is a way to get them working together, mentioned here.

I stopped using Eclipse, so I cannot say if there is something decent available.

Just Downloaded PhpStorm and will try it for sure and see how it goes. Cheers!

The trial version has just expired because I had webstorm from JetBrains. That'd would be good if you PM a serial number for it. I know I ain't supposed to ask this kindda question here.

Unfortunately, if I give you mine, mine will stop working.

there must be a way to get around this. I don't think your IDE will stop working because you should be able to install the same software on different computers!

Am not gonna try... Try usenet.

You scared! Lol

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