Hey guyz...help me!
I have a live site which is working perfect. I have migrated the whole site to localhost and the DB too but some links (url) are not working...Error 404..i don't know from where links(url) for articles can be edited.

Is your local .htaccess the same as on the server?

@pritaeas..yes..it's the same...any change needed???if yes...what are the changes

Depends. Is the domain name mentioned somewhere? If so, then you need to change it.

Ooopppss..sorry i forgot to put .htaccess file in localhost...

@pritaeas...Thank u so much..it's working f9..
one more issue...I have "Contact us" tab in the main menu...it redirects to the server page...y??do u have any idea???

Check where it links to, and see if it is being redirected.

how to check where it links to???

I mean how I will edit the redirection link????