ASP.net 1.1 vs2003

My vb.net solution is separating the code behind (aspx.vb) files from the aspx files by putting them into the "miscellaneous files" folder. I'm not sure what caused this, or how to fix it.

The problem isn't critical, as I can open an aspx file, and it correctly brings up the code when I ask for it. The reverse also works.

However, I just tried to convert to vs/vb2008, and I am getting a lot of errors that look like they are caused by this problem.

Is there a way to re-associate the aspx parts? what caused this.

Thanks in advance,

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while converting asp.net 1.1 to 2.0 code, these updates are needed:
1) Convert the CodeBehind attribute in the Page directive to CodeFile
2) Insert the partial keyword in the class declaration of your codebehind class for that page
3) Delete any variable declarations to controls in the codebehind file


thanks for the response, it will be very helpful in my conversion. I found the solution for my dis-associated subs problem -- by clicking "show all files" in the solution explorer, it reassociated the aspx and .vb files in the original tree structure.

Thanks again,

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