hello,I Need RSA system code with javascript ,i heared there're some rsa libraries in the internet , i looked for it , and i found some thing but it's not what i look for , i look for library applied (PKCS #1 v2.1) or (PKCS 12 v1.0),i have project and i like to applied rsa system in client side of the web (by javascript).THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

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I wonder why you want to do that client-side, it removes all the security you are looking for.

pritaeas,thanks for ur replay ,the protection on knowing key not in the algorithem, how it removes all security ,i have server side (php) too ,it's the second part

i have idea of appling this cryptosystem by js (first part )and php(second part) and mysql db as (third part for verification),if there is some threads pls tell me to secure it.

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