CAN anybody help m please i need it fast
create interface where user can enter animals
that he/she is buying from list of partner on a single cattle receipt. All data must be stored into
temporary data container where data will always be available to view and edit. Maximum width
of the container is limited to 750px.
That data container should be paginated with a default page size for pagination of 25 records.
Also, user should be able to sort data for this columns:
● Animal ID
● Animal name
● Animal type
● Purchase price
● Weight
Collecting all the data user should be able to see graphs representing following information:
1. Pie chart representing male/female animal ratio.
2. Bar graph representing purchase costs for every partner from the list.
Animal dataset
1. Animal ID
2. Animal name
3. Animal type
4. Birth date
5. Mother’s name
6. Farm’s name
7. Purchase price
8. Weight
9. Animal sex
10. Purchase partner (min. 5 partners in a select menu)
Data Format Description
Animal ID Numeric (Unique,
Farm-based unique animal identifier.
Animal String (Required) Human readable animal name (special chars
name allowed).
Animal type Select menu: Calf, Heifer,
Cow, Bull (Required)
Type of animal that is entered into system.
Birth date Date ( Animal’s birth date
String Human readable mother name of current animal
String Name of the farm where animal was before it
arrived to current farm.
Decimal (####.##) -
Animal’s purchase price.
Weight Decimal (####.##) Weight of the animal at the moment of arrival on
the farm.
Animal sex Radio (M/F) - Required Animal sex.
Select (Required) List of min. 5 partners. Enter by your own choice.
Everything is done on a client side (only HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery) without any server
side technology included into project. Also, all the code must be written by you.

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Also, all the code must be written by you.

Sounds like you have a lot of work to do :)

I'd suggest you start by Googling for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and specifically client-side data storage.

If you comeback with specific questions, I expect members of the forum will help you to answer them.

how i start:)

Agree with blocblue. We are not doing homework for you. My suggestion, first come out with a layout of html and css(and xhtml as xml can be used as temporaly data storage). Then go google for javascript that will perform the process you want. If you need someone who will give you every codes for your homework, please do consider go hire a freelancer to do it for you.

please do consider go hire a freelancer to do it for you

He's already emailed me through my company to ask for help... although I think for free.

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