Web browsers use and store cookies in many different ways. First each browser stores the cookies differently. For example IE stores each cookie as a separate file in the cookies folder. Firefox stores the cookies saves all of the cookies within a single file in the users profile. Also each Web Browser has a size limit to how many cookies it can store. That means that that if the limit is exceeded then the browser will start dumping the older cookies and can cause the page to fail.

Sometimes webpages failing when the browser has to dump older cookies. I have three questions:

1.) Why do the pages fail?

2.) Why hasn't the issue been addressed and corrected?

3.) What can we do as programmers to account for the problem?

Hope someone can point me out on the right direction.

Best Wishes,


1) Perhaps they expect the cookies to be there, instead of checking for them first.
2) What issue?
3) See 1)