I am getting Copying issue with my code, when i use only one single url it works but if i get multi url from explode function and call them it gives me an error please help me i have a problem in my copy() function let me show my code. any help will be appreciated thanks!

for($i=0; $i<count($mp3_filepath); $i++)
          $sname = $default_mp3_directory.$mp3_folder.$mp3_filepath[$i];
              $size = friendly_size(filesize(basename($sname)));
              echo"<br />Copied <a href='$mp3_filepath[$i]'>$mp3_filepath[$i]<a> to <a href='$sname'>".basename($sname)."</a> ( $size )";

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what are you trying to do, and what exactly the error you are getting.

i am trying to get mp3 songs from urls upload and try to editing there tags with my code editor is okey, but the problem occurs when i use the loop becoz i pass the urls from epxloded() function to get multi urls

1) explode is not there in your code so add full code here
2) problem occurs (what is the problem?)
3) give sample urls and what u doing with url

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