I'm brand new to php with ldap. I have this problem weeks ago. The company I'm working in assigned me to test their resource management system, they want me to use the dummy users on the database, but whenever I try to use them, I can't access the system, but when I tried it on my computer account (LDAP) it's giving me access. Can you teach me how to use those dummy users to gain access to the system? How can I disable LDAP for the moment so I can test other functionality of the said system?

Replies are much appreciated. Please point me to the right direction in solving this problem of mine. Thanks.

i forget which version of mac os it is where users that are created dont have passwords stored in the normal password field and doesnt pass the password out through open ldap to test

dump your ldap resulet set and check if theres a password field in it if there is not thats your problem