I have a grid view with a check box column i want to open a new window when clicked on that check box . How can i do that?

please help, thanks in advance

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You can do it with javascript onclick event, if you want to open windows only when checkbox is checked, make a javascript function receiving checkbox as parameter and check it state and open the window through window.open().

You can send the checkbox reference e.g. onclick="OpenNewWin(this)" where OpenWin will be funtion and this will be current checkbox reference.

For more info ...Google.

Just curious, but is that all the checkbox does? Normally a checkbox is used to record the fact that some option has been chosen, not initiate another action. If you wanted to move the user to another window a button or link would do the same thing and actually inform the user more about what was to happen than a checkbox.
I know this is completely aside to your query but I'm curious from a UI point of view :)

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