I am using cPanel webmail interface to acces my company's email but I was requested to change the webmail branding with my company logo and color theme. I found out there are 3rd party web mail application that I can plugin into cPanel but I cant find one. Can you help me customaize the webmail manually or point me which webmail application will do this for me?

truck load of thanks :))

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Your host will probably have a list of mail applications that they suggest you use with cPanel. Common ones are Squirrel, RoundCube, Horde. I'm assuming that you just need to keep a template/draft for branding? Sending HTML mail with styling is easy - the tricky bit is ensuring that it looks consistent across all mail clients. There may be issues with embedded images and certain css/styling rules. Linking images to external files may help to solve some issues. I'm no email expert, so that's just my 2p. Anybody else?