pls can any one tell me how to configure zf2 on wamp.

I have downloaded zf2 minimal package.

But there is no zf.bat,zf.php,zf.sh files.

And i am getting fatal error as Zend/Application.php not found.

Pls can any one explain in detail..........

Thanks in advance

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There are a lot of different tutorials available, even video, if you do a little search.

1)Zend Framework 2.0 minima
2)extract the bin and library folder e.g:D:\wamp\bin\php\ZendFramework
3)edit php.ini e,g:
    include_path = ".;D:\wamp\bin\php\ZendFramework\library;D:\wamp\bin\php\database\bin"
4)include envirnment variable path : ;D:\wamp\bin\php\ZendFramework\bin
in pro[erties of my computer->advance system setting->envirnment vasriable->edit path
now restart wamp and pc
open command promp
zf crate project test1
in a specified directory
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