I have created a table for player of the year list for a pool site.

Data is entered manually, copied from an .xlsm workbook.

Would it be possible to enter some code to check the workbook cells and automatically update the html to show the reflected changes.

Also if there is any sites with some cool tutorials as i am pretty new to html and everything that comes with it.

Thanks in advance

First of all, if you are new to programming / scripting, you will need to take some (significant) time to do some learning before you'll be able to put together a solution. There are many sites that have tutorials (w3schools.com is one) but first you will need to figure out what the solution requires (so you know what to learn). If you were going to do this manually, then changing the html for the site to include the data may make sense. Automating the generation of the html to include the data is possible but probably isn't the best way to do it. You could use Autoit to do it if you are really determined to do it that way. Using PHP and MySQL to store the data into a database and then display it from there makes more sense. In that case, you would probably be interested in http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/. That approach may be overkill if all you really want is to implement something relatively quickly to take care of this (without spending a lot of time learning to program).

Another approach would be to look for some open-source software that provides the functions that you need. That would be a lot better than trying to build something from scratch, if you can find something appropriate. sourceforge.net and hotscripts.com are two places that you could look.

Good luck.

I have a bit of experience but i would say i'm a newbie.


This is the page i have already written, but as it changes every week, i thought it would have been better updating the spreadsheet and having the information transfer to the html without manually updating the page itself.

The php, mysql route was what i thought about but wasn't sure if there might have been a better way??

I don't mind spending time learning as i could have a use for it in the future and i enjoy doing it.

Thanks for the info and i'll be sure to look when i get home.