Hallo everyone!

I've a question about jQuery load function .So I have the following page ..

I have to load this page : https://www.mann-hummel.com/online-catalog/EU/rum/vehicle

Is that code correct?

<title>Load function</title>
    <script src="http://www.filtreautomobile.ro/core/jquery-latest.js "></script>
    <script src="http://www.filtreautomobile.ro/core/function-demos-script.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var JQFUNCS =

                run: function(id)

                    $('#'+id).load('https://www.mann-hummel.com/online-catalog/EU/rum/vehicle .header');

                reset: function(id)



<p><a href="#">Run load</a>


What problem or issue are you having?

It didn't load the page

So are you trying to load this URL which is from another domain? Thats not going to work. Same Origin Policy. there are methods with a different approach.

In addition, the URL you specified includes a space. Even without the space, if I try to access that URL, the web server returns a 500 error.


First try to get your page working by loading a test page from your server.

I told you in your previous topic the Same Origin Policy would prevent you from stealing content from someone else's website. Unless you have permission to use their catalogue and they've setup a JSON request for you it will not work.

Ok , thank's solved ..