i spent about 1 to 2 months building a php website on my localhost. i feel like its finish and i would love to put it online for whole world to see it. on this site iam also using xampp database to keep track of user and passwords.

note i dont want to pay any money. it has to be free bc this is my first php using database site. i now to get com, org or some thing nice you have to pay but to me it doesnt matter. its ok if its .co.on or .comm.cer.f or .somerandomatend, i just want to put it online.

if you can tell me any free host site that let to publish php site with database. also try to give step by step if you can.


I think you should try amazon webservices. They are providing free hosting for 750 hrs. With some min. credentials and I think those are enough for running any small scale site.
I am also using AWS for running my php/mysql site and its doing great so far.
Checkout here: http://aws.amazon.com/free/
Also after that you need to pay as per your requirement or you can change to other hosting service.
There are many choices available for hosting machine.
You need to choose OS (linux/windows) and machine configurations. Also you can go with their existing machines.
As your site is in php so I suggest you to go with any linux instance.( Linux† Micro Instance usage (613 MB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) )
If you are familiar with putty and linux command prompt then it’s really easy for you otherwise It will take some time to setup.
Let me know if you need more information.

o just want to make sure. i upload all my php files in --files > file manager1
and my xampp database in website > import database
advanced > phpmyadmin
advanced > mysql databases

Ummm. Server paths should be gotten dynamically at run time using the variable $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] and not hardcoded in code.
In case you mean URL's. Relative URL's should be used whenever possible or be built using constants/variables at runtime (either put the actual domain into a constant/variable or build a url using $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] and/or $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].)

wait what are

i though to upload php site all you need to do is signup for host site. like http://1freehosting.com. than just upload your files and database in there. i might be wrong

You are right. sophiec016's post is about coding paths, which is completely unrelated to your original question.