i have page at facebook with the name of my website (fanPage), i imported like button script from FB to my website code , so i want then when user visits my website then whereever he clicks on my page then it should be actually clicking LIKE button but invisibly, i attached LIKE button to Cursor and it moves along with cursorm i did that successfully but the only thing i want it that WHEN USER VISITS MY WEBSITE AND WHEN HE SIMPLY CLICK ANYWHERE ON PAGE THEN IT SHOULD TRIGGER THE CLICK ON LIKE BUTTON FOR FB
and it should be only for registered user who has logged in and resides within SESSION
LIKE Button ius attached along with CURSOR and it moves along with it,

some script help please

using PHP+ JS

Do not expect anyone to help you with this on the forum. This is a terrible idea and you should no longer be allowed on the internet.

commented: sorry bro ! didn't get it ? what wrong with it ? +2

Hunain, the reaction you got is because you are asking for help to develop a solution which ultimately tricks a user into liking a Facebook page.

commented: ohhh i didn't know it bro , that doing it is a bad practice, +2

sorry 4 the question guys ! i had no idea that asking this kinda qs is morally unacceptable !

I wouldn't call it morally wrong. Anyway, maybe you can think outside the box and come up with another solution that can increase the like count and keeping happy visitors. Maybe come up with a giveaway, or a contest, a prize for someone after got get x number of likes.

commented: that's why i love Jorgem, always helping , +0

thanks guys !
Question solved ! atleast i learned that what to ask and what not to ask ! :)