Hi Team,

This is Kishore, I have good experiance in Core PHP with Mysql. I am looking for learn new tools like frame work or CMS. I have 3.9 years exp in PHP Environment. Now I am looking for job change, So i want to improve my skills.

Please suggest me which one is best.

Thanks in Advance...

I'd suggest using one or more of the major frameworks. You could start with the smaller ones, and work your way up into Zend or Symfony.

Thank you for ur quick and valuble response. smaller one means?..can you tell me any suggestions ...it will be very helpful to me..

Yii, Cake, TinyMvc, CodeIgniter. Find more here, although I'm not sure how current this is.

The suitabletools for php candidates are:
a) OO programming © design; Agile environment; Exp w/ TDD, BDD, MVC
b) Using MySQL or MS SQL Server Relational Database Management System as a persistence store
c) Designing a schema designed for OLTP given a particular domain model
d) Creating SQL scripts to maintain said schema
e) Using an Object Oriented Programming Language to perform CRUD operations
f) Developing a software tool to ETL data from disparate sources
g) Performing analytics on gathered data and providing reporting mechanisms
h) Writing specifications and documentation