After a form is completed its submitted to another page to process the form. Once that's done, it forwards back to where visitor was. I want to display a message to the visitor first before moving to the next page, so how can I delay the page forwarding?

What are you using, did you write the code?

You might want to post it on here so others can help you out further.

Does the form info be sent to you by email? If so there are afew I found for free while searching, have alook and test to see if they have the options you want, if that is what you want.

Hope that makes sence lol


Have you looked at the PHP sleep() function? Plugging a number in causes the program to pause for teh number of seconds you plug in as a value.

sleep(2); causes the program to pause for 2 seconds.

another option is to use a meta-redirect tag, it's not really php but it does the job.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="4;url=">

that code will wait 4 seconds before sending you to

if you use the sleep function, that will just cause the code to wait, but then you will still need to use either a meta-redirect tag (which i used above) or a header tag


the only problem with a header tag is that no output can be sent to the user (or you will get an error) so the meta tag might be easier in this case