I am totally self taught in html and a pure novice. I volunteer with a non-profit and I update their existing website. The website has a "Child of the Month" feature which appears on every page of the site. This feature needs to be changed monthly. I have been doing it manually page by page, but I am wondering if there is code that can be placed on the index page that would duplicate the feature on each page??? I am in the process of changing each page now and I am hoping there is a quicker way to do this. The website is http://www.tmihope.org if you want to see what I am talking about. Thanks for any help! Tammy

You can do this with a Server Side Include (SSI). The syntax depends upon what server you are running. Is the site run with ISS, Apache? Does the server support PHP, ASP, or what?

A purely "client-side" technique is to write the content of that section of each page via a JavaScript, using document.write(). Include that JavaScript on every page.

Another option is to use frames but not everybody likes to use them...