Write a php program for Currency conversion.

Input Currency name, Value of Input Currency, Output Currency Name

Output Currency Value.

1 dollar=50 Rupee
1 Pound= 1.5 dollar
1 Pound= 80 Rupee

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Write a php program for Currency conversion.

Is this an order? Are you looking for a script? Show your code.


:) It looks like an order to me.

@siddharth.dixit.5243 WELCOME TO DANIWEB. You will have to learn how to write your questions properly. All people here are volunteers. We don't expect people to give us back those favors, but we do NOT expect people to give us orders. We give response solely under our own prerogative.

properly written question,

I am new to PHP language and I really need an expert guidance on how to write a foreign currency  converter script ASAP.

You can post the same question in this forum and you will be surprised how many people will even write it for you.

poorly written question,

Write me a foreign currency converter script ASAP.

If someone helped you, the most positive response is

Thank you very much for taking your time in responding to my questions.

The more negative response that can get you strangulated at times.

Well, after reading much about the topic online, I found out that your proposed sulution is not the right way.

I have seen this type of feedback from many posters. If they don't like the proposed sulutions, they must keep it for themselves. The right thing to do is always be thankful for any suggested solutions. Besides, it is free while the time spent by the experts is their own free time.

In response to your order ( or whatever you intended it to be), there is a google API for this. If you don't have any existing script to show, try reading this tutorial here, the source codes can be downloaded.

enough said, WELCOME TO DANIWEB..

Welcome on DW from me too. There is a nice article here about how to participate on the forum (this or any other) to get the most out of it. We will be more than glad to help once we get a proper question.

First show us how far you have gone, before we can help you out.

@veedeoo: no more, no less. Well said.

Welcome to daniweb siddhart

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