i am creating a image gallery that uses different pages. i use simple html menu to link those pages but it was not redirecting to their orinal location.

<li class="menu"><a href="new/index.php">Aww</a></li>;
 <li class="menu"><a href="mew1/index.php">Hot</a></li>;
<li class="menu"><a href="new2/index.php">Chicks</a></li>;


i have no clue that what to do!!

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This is not strictly a PHP question, maybe it would be better to seek help in HTML forum on DW. But anyway, html code seem to be OK. Check whether the paths in the href attribute are correct. What exactly does happen when you click on particular link?

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As broj1 said this is not PHP related, but if all 3 folders (new, new1, new2) are in the same directory, you need to return back up 1 file level after visiting each link.
<li class="menu"><a href="/new/index.php">Aww</a></li>;
Adding the extra forward slash is like telling your browser to return to the root folder and start looking for the file from there.
It all depends on your directory structure though.

Also in the second link there might bi an error in the URL's directory:

<li class="menu"><a href="mew1/index.php">Hot</a></li>;

Didi you really mean mew1?

And what is the original location?; coz all I can see are links to various pages.

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