I want to turn my sites (i have a few small test sites that i use to show what I learn) into a mobile site. How do I create a custom mobile site for the mobile devices and have a different site for the typical computer. I search my question on Google, i keep getting web services. Anyone have an idea on how to do this?

I noticed some sites have an "m" on their url. like m.site.com or m.www.site.com (i think it was CNN that had that one).

Tell me if i am still unclear, i am typing this at 2 AM so whatever i am thinking is not always going to come out right.

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The m. is just a subdomain pointing to a different folder. This makes it easy to use a different template for mobile devices.

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The m. is just a subdomain pointing to a different folder. This makes it easy to use a different template for mobile devices.

In most cases server is run on Apache Httpd server, but there must similar stuff on IIS for Microsoft too. In Apache server you will have to setup/configure your subdomains example. As pritaes mention m or mobile or any other designation is just different folder/directory that is used, and it is server resposibility to direct request to correct one.

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There is a movement towards RWD (Responsive Web Design), as opposed to creating separate sites. One aspect of which is to provide 'breakpoints' with media queries. This helps in producing many views, based on screen size - that's a simplification though. SO from the same underlying logic, you get typical smartphone, tablet and desktop views. A good example of this is 'Twitter Bootstrap', which in part, utilises a grid system to resize content units. Maybe something to ponder if the content is to be basically the same. That is not to say that mobile-specific sites should not be developed. Some sites designed for the desktop simply don't port well at all.

If you are still interested in this topic there is a WordPress plugin. called ezymobilesitegenerator you can get on Warrior Forum that will allow you to present a site for mobile that has for example just three or four pages accessed by tapping buttons About Us, Contact and Map with ability to set a route to your business. There are also html5 templates on codecanyon.com. You can include a discount coupon/code and "Tap To Call" button. I develop such sites then upload to a domain then install a script that presents the mobile site to devices with screens less than desktop and laptop size (tablets, notebooks and phones). You can also develop apps and in WordPress there is a plugin where you offer mobile users the option to download your App.

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