Hey all,

Looking for some quick guidance, Trying to make it so that I can have a field which presents how many customers the database has.


This is the DB:


This is my php:

                        $id_customers = "SELECT id FROM Customers";
            $Customeramount = mysql_query($id_customers) or die(mysql_error()); 
            echo $Customeramount;

Result I am getting:

Resource id #2

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So is this solved?

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i think its a bad idea to store no.of results in a seperate column. why because it has to modify seperately each and every customer is added to database as well as remove from the database.internally it increases no.of operation on a table

can you tell me the reason for your requirement?

so that i give the proper response to your question

Basically to show how many customers are in the database ^^

for that you have a query like count(*)....... something like this

or you can write some user_defined query to get the unique customers also

i think thats not a good way to store no.of customers in database (as of my knowledge)

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COUNT(id) would be my take. You can use GROUP BY functions to subtotal uniques.

Heres my revised code:

               $sql = "SELECT COUNT(ID)FROM Customers";
               $Customeramount = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
               echo $Customeramount ;

It still returns this:

Sorry guys

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Stop providing screenshots. Place the answer in the editor. Your site will change and this thread will be worse than useless for others.


Should be valid - it works for my tables, even with the missing space and wrong case. Did you mis-spell the table or the field?

Still not working, should I post my whole script?


            $CustomerTableAmount = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM Customers") or die(mysql_error());
            $row = mysql_fetch_row($CustomerTableAmount);
            echo $row[0];

Basically I wasn't using Mysql_Fetch_Row

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So is this solved?

Did click Solve, obviously didn't load properly :s