Hi there,
I am facing some problems in fetching the tags entered into an input field that uses the the jQuery tagManager.

  <input type="text" name="tags" placeholder="Tags" class="tagManager"/>

normally i just have to echo $_POST['tags'] in the PHP form handling part and it gives me the tags but, with class tagmanager facility i dont get any data. Does anybody know how can i get my tags.?

I am using jQuery tagManger in my form and you can find it here : http://welldonethings.com/tags/manager

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You need to show your code. The whole form, the form handling code and any ajax (js) code. Is this a php issue or js?

Hi i am not using AJAX. All i did to my input field is that i added 'class="tagManager"'. On clicking submit $_POST['tags'] doesn't fetch any data. its just a blank screen!

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Open up the page in Chrome and apply the Inspect Element (right click to get it). Open up the form tag. Look to see how your code has been changed.

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