Hi everyone,

I need some resources, examples, or tutorials to be able to understand how to write a server in PHP which can communicate with MySQL database, and receive & send the desired information to the client from the database. If you offer some websites or books, I would appreciate.

Thank you in advance.

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Can you be any more vague?

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Only if the question was, "Help?"
Being administrator does not give you the right of making fun of people. I am new and the question might be askedin a wrong way but the people who understood what I meant just helped me. I don't know what kind of mentality brings you there. You are probab

Just ask where you did not understand, and I will try to make clear that part. Please do not write childish answers. I am just trying to learn something.

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Ask a smart question if you want a smart answer.

When you say 'write a server' I assume you aren't talking about creating a web server using PHP? (Which would be impossible).

Anyway, to communicate with a database you shall want to use a mix between PHP and MySQLi, as you have suggested. The best way to begin learning this would be to buy a good book (I recommend an O'Reilly book called, 'Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript'. It is outdated however the basics are still there).

Once you have the basics of MySQL_* you can begin moving onto the newer extension which is MySQLi(mproved) which has more security benefits.

Don't forget the official resources, such as PHP.net.

Good luck!

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