I have searched and have not found exactly what I need. I have a webpage with an iframe on the same domain. The function of the webpage is a form to select network elements and input commands to run on the devices. The real time output with the output is displayed in the iframe. The iframe data can be quite long and if you wish to see at what point the data collection is at, you have to click on the iframe scroll down bar.

I need a mechanism to allow the user to click on a radio button or something like this to allow the scrolling to be locked on scroll down so as the data is displayed it scrolls with it. Also a radio button to stop this if so desired.

Something like:
<p>Auto Scroll</p> <p>On<input type="radio" name="On" value="on"></p> <p>Off<input type="radio" name="Off" value="off"></p>

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Auto scroll on/off button on iframe

Why a <iframe>? When you used JQuery everything is on 1 page.

Regarding about how you want it design I think you figure it out already since you got HTML ready.

It's always good to have the Javascript/JQuery ready before you create a radio button.

The examples are very simple to follow and you can modify it by radio button if you desired: