I need php opet source code for e-commerce when client filled cart registered to the home address no pay pal and Visa.I found a lot of e-commerce CMS, but they are all for paypal or visa.I need php code to put in my site and orders sent to your home address and then pay.Please help! Thanks!

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Well firstly this isn't the place to ask for code to be written for you, you should show you have done some prior work and then come back and ask specific questions relating to any problems you may have.

Secondly, how would your system work? If a courier/post man delivers the parcel then they aren't going to be collecting money for you, once they have ordered from your site and you send it out, that is it gone. You cannot rely on the customer to post you back a cheque or to go back onto your site and pay for it.

www.nonstopshop.rs/ this is how i want to work my website. I need opet sourse code for e-commerce

Unfortunately without buying something from there I won't be able to see what you mean, however if you could explain what you mean by this pay on collection scheme?

This still however isn't the place to have your code written for you. The chances are you won't find an open source implementation however PayPal and other similar systems shall offer APIs which allow you to simply copy and paste code into your website.

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