Strange question i am afraid, i have a friend who is after information on a database called "Profile".

Does anyone have any links to this, as I have been unable to find anything

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I found something on Oracle, a statement called 'Profile'.

Although I have experience in SQL, this is something I've never come accross before but it might be what you are looking for.


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It depends on how old an application you are looking at. There was a database called proFile on the Tandy 16 and 6000 series computers and later for Tandy Xenix on the T2000 or T3000 (80386) Systems. It was also sold seperately as FilePro and was a Relational database that had applications with the following names:

clerk, report, cabe, menu, moedef, etc.
dclerk, dreport, dcabe, dmenu, dmoedef, etc.
rclerk, rreport, rcabe, rmenu, rmoedef, etc.

It used a series of *If Then *statements for porcessing information in the database.

If this is what you need information on I have most of the manuals boxed up in the shed along with my MS-DOS manuals...



Blimey is it that old!?!?!?!?

It sound like it is that, although cannot find anything on the web about it


If it is the Tandy DBMS then this page might help with the definitions and they can look up filePro for manuals and information.;

The data is stored in flat files called key and data and I am willing to help if I can. send me a private message with your email address and I will respond.

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