While researching on a php push engine like comet. I discovered the nginx Push Engine. But I dont know how to use it. Please is there anybody that as a simple demo or can give me directions on how to implement it in a real life project.

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Do you mean something like this?

or is this the same module , you are talking about? The reference file is from my friend "veedeoo". Is that it? If so, you can install nginx portable for windows, or if in linux environment just install nginx. In the module ( referenced link) there is a directory src and test. The test directory includes nginx.conf file that is the copy of what you will add on the nginx.conf file in your server.. Do not copy and paste the file to your main nginx.conf... otherwise you will be rewriting everything....

Don't forget to change this part of the code to your own application directory and the port in which the nginx server will operate...

    listen 8082;

root /home/leop/sandbox/nginx_push/tests;
location /broadcast {
location = /broadcast/sub {
set $push_channel_id $arg_channel;
push_subscriber_concurrency broadcast;
push_channel_group broadcast;
location = /broadcast/pub {

The rest are extremely self-explanatory.. If taking this to the production server, you will need to look for nginx capable server like the good ole' apthost ( not the apthost today).

Tanks a lot. I have read it. But I am a little bit confused cause I was information on how to run php as a cgi script. But How do I do this on windows. It looks more like this was done on linux.

My main question is how do I communicate with php on a command prompt window. I have not done this before so I am confused.

Thanks alot oop php,

But I have some questions.

My first question is, What I need to install on my wampserver (windows OS) to enable it to run the nginx_push engine.

second, the nginx_push engine seems to be some server application on its own that the php app would be recieving message from. My question is how do I setup the nginx push in my project. Do I need to start the push engine. If so How do i do this.

Sorry, am just new to this pushing stuff so it kind of confusing here.

I was a demo chat room. While I was reading the code. I noticed that the push engine comes with some javascript library that enable the developer to communicate with the push engine.

Thanks alot.

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