Hello all,

I am dealing with an SMS agregator company which has their server IP access restricted by default.

But as I have created an account with them, they have added my VPS IP address ( to their authorized IP address pool.

This means that if I want to send any request (PHP request, let say send SMS using PHP), the request has to be made from my VPS server

The problem now is how do I send HTTP request to their server (say : http// from my VPS IP address they have authorized.

PS :
1. Let presume I want to use PHP (Curl)
2. I have also the root access to my VPS

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you Pritaeas,

I had a look at the posts. They are fine, but just the remote link in my case is IP restricted, and only the authorized IPs can have access to it.

In my case, I know my authorized IP, and have the remote server access credentials (username / password).

Any further idea ?

Thank you,


You are right. That's what i am going to try. I will keep you posted.
Thank you

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