I I am trying to convert php links with variables to html link so increase seo of my site,

My links are like:



or some things like that it doesn't matter but the point is how to do that and alos be able to GET those variable values? please explaine completely ... PLEASE

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my .htaccess file contains :

Options +FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine On

Options +FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^test-([0-9]+)\.html$ test.php?id=$1

ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.htm

and this is my link
<a href="test.php?id=45">click</a>

still the same problem ! i didn't get notice !

It is probably working if you put in the friendly url into your address bar. The rewrite rule in htaccess is going to rewrite (interpret) the friendly url for you to the correct page, it isn't going to redirect all of your links to the friendly url. You would either need to change your links to point to friendly urls or do a 301 redirect to the friendly urls. You could do that in htaccess or you could use PHP to parse the request uri and redirect accordingly

thanks for ur answer
but 1 more question => RewriteRule ^test-([0-9]+).html$ test.php?id=$1
as u can see in this rule i have one variable ($1) that it can be anything that i want and it is ok
but if i want to change (test) to variable what should i do ?
because i have too many links and it takes many time to insert them one by one into .htaccess file ?
could u help me with this ?

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