Ineed your help to solve this problem...
I have a special folder in my manager and control panel, but when I need to get back to the main page without logging out of the director but was not able to even though I try this code but also does not work

<li><a href="../index.php">main menue</a>  </li>

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no body can solve this?

Try rephrasing it? I'm having a rough time understanding what you are trying to do.

idont speek english very well thats problem

how move from subdirectory to root
from admin folder to main mneu in the sit

Oh okay hmm. It appears you are trying to link to the main page of your site? Maybe try using the whole web address?
<a href="http://example.com/index.php">Main menu</a>
That was just an example.
If that's not what you want maybe try writing in your native language and we could try to use google translate. If that's necessary.
Hope that helps?

انا لدي مجلد فرعي في الموقع للمدير و عند تسجيل الدخول للمدير لا يستطيع ان يعود للصفحه الرئيسيه بل يعود للصفحه الرئيسيه الخاصه بالمدير
اريد ان يستطيع المدير ان يعود للصفحه الرئيسيه دون الحاجه لتسجيل الخروج

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