Which is best for me i am beginners
please tell me what is the best option for me and where to i start learn..............

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It depends on what you already know, and what you want to build. So, what's your background?

Well if you want to build websites, ecommerce apps like shopping carts or you want to possibly work on cms. I would recommend php.

but if you want to do some stuffs like developing a text editor, mobile apps and simple games. I would recommend python.

But languages are good but want you want to achieve now matters. So it is very wise for you to post a details of what kind of applications you want to build, so you can get the best advice.

it depends what you know best, if you are e beginner then go for php

For the newbie, I suggest starting with Python, It has clean and easy syntax which helps you to focus on learning the main concepts of programming.

I however think PHP is an easier, more productive language - but it really does depend on what you want to do. Graphical based things and web apps are great in PHP, and Python is really for those who can put up with command line apps.

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