HI guys... i have installed solr 4.2 in my system.. i wanted to integrate it with rails and thus, included the 2 sunspot gems..

gem 'sunspot_rails', '~>2.0.0'
gem 'sunspot_solr', '~>2.0.0'

now, the local instance of solr present in sunspot_solr gem can be found at "http://localhost:8982/solr" .. when checking the information, it says that the version is 3.5.. is there any way that i can upgrade this to version 4.2, i.e, the version that is installed in my system?

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I checked it out before posting it here... the folder structure of 4.2 is different from 3.5 i guess... this didnt work...however, i found another source..

Click Here

now, fetching from git:// fails cos of proxy... :/


i was able to download it locally and assign the path... but now, facing reindexing issue with rails... i guess its because of ngram filter classes that the application has..now checking on that..


stopwords were causing the problems.. fixed that as well... successfully migrated a program frm solr 3.5 to solr 4 :)

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